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Fortune Cookie Games


For your convience we have a pick- up base in Edmonton, Alberta
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We offer two different types of Fortune Cookies

  • The Ready Made Fortune Cookie 
    offers you theme fortune cookies & also games that will add fun to any gathering!   
  • The Customized Fortune Cookie
    where you decide what messages you wish to empart at your wedding, workshop, office or family party! 


  • Chocolate Bouquet 

      Flowers or chocolate? That is the question. Offer both! Our                     products are made from fine Belgian chocolate and natural ingredients.                                                                                              To view our products see above tab: "customized cookies" bottom of page. Our site is still under construction please be patient. In the meantime you can also view our sister site Please contact us for further information.









 Fortune Cookies a tasty and memorable touch for a special day!



 Special Occasions...   
  Play the game, eat the cookie  
 Other Opportunities...  


  • In your business world
    Be noticed; Be remembered!
    • Corporate business meetings
    • Motivational games for workshops
    • Sales promotions
    • Trade shows
  • For the many events in your life
    Be different with your tasteful gift and personalized thoughts.
    • Birthday wishes
    • Graduation
    • Anniversaries, and much more
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